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Flipping Panels!

The Renaissance: From Harlem to Saturday Mornings panel was a rousing success! We hit all of the high points, talked about Black representation in the medium, the history of Black control in production and distribution, and what the future holds for Black led animation.

Shout out to Roosevelt Pitt for being a passionate co-pilot on the journey and laying the groundwork for the presentation. This all spun out of our conversations about our animated series, Astounding Adventures, and how best to not only raise awareness of the phenomenal work we're putting in there but how it's just part of a much larger whole.

Major kudos to Greg Burnham for gracing us with his presence and adding a third, powerful voice to the proceedings. He brought levity, great anecdotes, and a down to Earth voice to the whole affair. It's no wonder he's a fan-favorite at any of the million comic conventions he frequents every year.

Big thanks to Rosalie Sexton for being our handy, dandy camerawoman and catching everyone's good side! She played an integral part in the day, whether it was helping Roosevelt man his booth on the show floor or herding the myriad cats that sprang up.

And last but certainly not least, I wanted to thank my capable and beautiful wife, Heru Fe, for not only her steadfast support but also her impeccable tech support skills. She did what she always does and seized the initiative when the time came. While Roosevelt and I were rubbing elbows with Mr. Orlando Jones Felicia was already in the panel room, setting up the presentation, and making sure the audio-visual set up was on point. I couldn't ask for a better partner as I work to make my dreams come true.

The panel had a great turnout. The audience was engaged and receptive and you could really tell how hungry they were for the history as well as new content to sink their teeth into.

I'm looking forward to our next appearance at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention on Saturday, May 19th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It'll be our second appearance and we're coming strong with a packed roster of the most dynamic and productive Black creators in the independent space.

It's pretty safe to say that the B.A.R. has been raised!

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