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Welcome to the illustrious Grandwing Academy, Mythral's premiere school for young adventurers-in-training!

Nestled in the heart of historic Ironveil (and above the labyrinthine nightmare of a dungeon called "The Deep Dark"!) this world-class learning institution welcomes young heroes of all races to explore their potential and hone their skills. The world is a dangerous place and our curriculum provides everything a hero needs to survive the perils that threaten the Goodly Races. 

Do you want to be a brave warrior? A daring rogue? A mysterious magician? The sky's (and tuition) the limit!

Enroll today! 

Designed to showcase our proprietary PerfecTen™ Unlimited Roleplaying System and its amazing versatility and ability to blend narrative and mechanics into an amazing cooperative storytelling experience. All you need is this book, a few ten-sided dice, and your most imaginative friends!

Ars Adventura: Know Guts, Know Glory's rules include:

  • Simple, easy to learn rules that walk players, new and veteran alike, through roleplaying in the world of Mythral 

  • Six (6) dynamic fantasy Races that choose from, each with their own unique strengths, weakness, and Traits 

  • Five (5) Basic Classes that lay the groundwork for your hero's journey, complete with a wide variety of special Abilities

  • Thirty-one (31) Advanced Classes that let you take your adventurer's education to the next level with all new abilities and equipment

  • Literally THOUSANDS of heroic combinations to make the fantasy hero-in-training of your dreams a reality

  • Master your Guts, the measure of every true hero, as you overcome all obstacles and enemies in your way

  • A guided walkthrough of the world, from its most civilized city to its most dangerous dungeons!

  • Hundreds of items, weapons, armor, and accessories to buy and discover on your journeys

  • Dozens of the deadliest denizens that Mythral has to offer 

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