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About Us

At Giant, Killer Press, Inc. we're all about telling a good story. We always have been and always will be. It doesn't matter the genre or the medium. 

Superhero comics? Yeah, we do that.

A unique and accessible pen-and-paper roleplaying game in a high fantasy setting? Sure, why not?

High octane, action-packed family-friendly animation? Oh, you know it! 

We've spent the better part of our lives on the "demand" side of the industry. We shelled out tons of money and attention on the cool, unique, and innovative ideas that have fed our imaginations over the years. Cartoons, comics, video games, film, and tabletop gaming all expanded our world views and our definition of the word "creative." We believed that a man could fly, we learned that no one could hear us scream in space, and we clocked enough hours saving princesses from castles that we can consider an early retirement. 

But now the time has come to focus on the "supply" side of the business. We have good ideas. As a matter of fact, we have great ideas! We have world-class talent. And we have the passion and patience necessary to make ourselves and every single one of our projects a household name. Giant, Killer Press is poised to be your favorite studio, making your favorite content, and we couldn't be happier to have you along for the ride. 

Welcome to our world... Watch your step!

Owner, CEO, and CCO

Adeatoyshe "Ade" Heru

Owner, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Creative Officer

Every now and then you meet a man of few words... Ade ain't one of them!


A lifelong reader, writer, and storyteller, Mr. Heru has dedicated his life to telling the best story possible to the best audience possible. 


What began as a four-year old Ade rewriting and reenacting his favorite Saturday morning cartoons with his action figures became a career of over 15 years of honing his craft as a writer, editor, creative consultant, project manager, public relations expert, and all around communicator in print, online, film, radio, and television.


He started up Giant, Killer Press, Inc. because he learned (the HARD way!) how important it is for a man to tell his story in his own way. So now he's helming a studio that thrives on originality while still honoring the professional and cultural touchstones that shaped his childhood and provided the bedrock for an awesome creative foundation.


In addition to his duties as the guy who keeps the lights on around here and makes the tough calls, he's also the scribe of the upcoming Shadowboxer comic series, the chief architect of the PerfectTen™ Unlimited Roleplaying System, the lead developer of the Ars Adventura: Know Guts, Know Glory tabletop RPG, and one of the four creative juggernauts bringing Saturday mornings back in a big way with the Astounding Adventures animated series. 


In case you haven't noticed... He's kind of a busy guy.


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