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Is the Joke on Us?



I can see what you're trying here.

It's brave.

It's bold.

I am more than a little torn. I think that this Joker looks like a living embodiment of the anarchy that the character represents. I think that this version is manic, dangerous, and the last guy I'd want to run into in Gotham or any other city.

But... I also appreciate the more composed, less "Hot Topic" version of the character. I think that the charm of the Joker is that he doesn't "look" crazy because he doesn't think he's crazy. He thinks he's funny. He sees himself as a true showman and it's our fault for not understanding his gags and pranks.

I haven't seen anything other than this image and there's not a whole lot of word on the depiction of the character in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. There's nothing saying that he won't put on a suit and become "respectable" during the course of the film. But, if he doesn't, I'm hoping that this look grows on me more.

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