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And We're Off!

So, I submitted my project to Oni Press' open call for artists, colorists, writers, and writers with a creative team. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of two weeks to wait on their feedback. I'm cautiously optimistic about my prospects. I think it has a good shot (I wouldn't submit it if I didn't think it did). When asked why I chose to submit to Oni Press rather than self-publishing, I had to be honest and say that 1) I've always wanted to work with the folks there as I've been a fan of their output and the way they handle relationships with creatives for years, 2) I know that their readership far eclipses my own and this project is one I want to get front and center in the industry/community so that the conversations it inspires are had, and 3) it's just good business to ally yourself with a group of like-minded people who are willing to give you a platform, let you retain all of your rights as a creator, and share your ideas of producing work that is good to read and better to inspire.

Even if Oni Press doesn't take the bait I'll be moving Heaven and Earth to get this project off the ground. I've already begun conversations with folks to that end to make sure all of my eggs aren't in that one proverbial basket. Stay tuned to hear how this plays out.

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