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Part of Giant, Killer Press' big plans for the year include expanding awareness of the Astounding Adventures animated series we're helping to bring to a screen near you. Not only that, we hope to increase the public's awareness of the presence of Black creators in the animated space and to help John and Jane Q. Public recognize the rich stories we have to tell as well as the not so great roots of our representation in the medium.

To that end we've allied with Amara Entertainment and a host of other Black creators to present the panel entitled, "The Renaissance: From Harlem to Saturday Mornings"! This panel takes a look at the storied history of African American representation in the animated medium as far back as the mid-20th century, the impacts of those depictions, who's out there making a difference, and how best to support them.

It's going to be a blast and it's jumping off THIS Sunday, March 18th at the Oak City Comic Con in Raleigh, North Carolina. If you're in town and want to support, we'll be going on at 2pm on Sunday in Room 201.

Roosevelt Pitt, Jr. (creator of Purge) and Greg Burnham (co-creator and writer of Tuskegee Heirs) will join our CEO Ade Heru on the panel for some insightful, candid, and deep discussion of how people of a very specific color have translated into the animated world.

We'll also be offering up some great sneak peaks of our own upcoming projects!

See you there.

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