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The Stars Align!

Putting the finishing touches on planning for the first Nova Contra novel, The Scything Moon.

I'm really looking forward to working on this title. I'm liking what we're coming up with for the book and the setting in general. If I had to describe Nova Contra I guess I'd say "it's equal parts American History, Star Wars, and pretty much every cool thing I've ever seen." Haha. Okay, that's a bit broad but that doesn't make it any less true. This is a setting that pull heavily from my own personal experiences and expectations. It examines human nature and prejudice through the eyes of people other than human beings.

I don't plan on "soapboxing" with this particular project but I've got to write what I know.

As with all of the GKP properties I'm looking at making this a multimedia experience. The novel is in the pipeline and I'm currently expanding the universe and its internal logic and rules so we can get to work on a pen and paper RPG using the T3: Targets, Tasks, and Tests system.

Look forward to learning a lot more about the setting and seeing which bells and whistles will set this universe apart from Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, and the tons of other science fiction universes set in the depths of space.

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