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The Devil's in the Details

Okay. So... This happened.

A hotly anticipated original television series, based on a B-tier (if we're being generous) Marvel Comics' hero that has a huge fan following within the comic community but not so much outside of it. You can blame Ben Affleck or the fact that the guy isn't Spider-Man. For me, I'd like to think it was just a matter of the right place, the right time, and the right character not synching up.

That's changed.

Okay. Full disclosure. I'm only on episode six. I fully intend to be done by this time next week if not this time tomorrow.

It's good. Damn good. Better than any of the comic shows on the major networks (sorry Flash...) and although I've only gotten halfway through the series I can say that it's packing more drama, action, and comic book goodness than any series I've championed in the past.

I'm still in the middle of falling in love with it but I'll give a brief rundown of the things I like about it in no particular order:

1. It's down to Earth and very grounded

2. The casting is amazingly well... casted

3. It's not "Agents of Shield...At Night"

4. It respects the characters and the source material

5. Plenty of Easter eggs

6. It's easy to forget that this is happening in the same universe as The Winter Soldier, Thor 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy (and that's a good thing)

7. The action is great

8. The depiction of Matt Murdock's "handicapabilities" is amazing and traslates amazingly to film

9. The cast is diverse and really captures the vibe I'd expect from Hell's Kitchen in 2015

10. This show's version of the Kingpin is both human and demonic, an incredible foil for Murdock's fledgling vigilante

Well, that's it for now. The rest of the series is waiting. I'm thinking I'll post a more thorough and well thought out review once I've made it through the series.

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