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"Writing with Purpose, Striding with Giants."


It's more than our motto, it's our mission. We firmly believe that writing is equal parts Art and Craft.


A true writer knows that a well-written piece has the power to move the audience, to stir new emotions, awaken old ones, and unlock the doors to amazing worlds of imagination. There's nothing like bringing your thoughts to life.


Still, a real writer also knows that a professional needs to be a professional, first and foremost. Doing a good job goes hand in hand with passion and purpose and you have to be proud of your work and your work ethic. Trust us on that.


Another "nice to have" is the self-confidence and self-awareness necessary to offer your skills and services to those who appreciate your talent.


Here at Giant, Killer Press we have:


  • Multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, Media Production, and Creative Writing.

  • Over 10 years of professional experience in business, creative, and technical writing.

  • Over 10 years of experience developing, writing, and editing content for radio, television, and film.

  • Nearly a decade of experience in copywriting in the financial, alternative health, and travel and leisure industries.

  • Nearly a decade of experience in project management and product development in entertainment, gaming, financial, alternative health, and travel and leisure industries. 

  • Decade after decade of popular culture (especially comics, film, television, gaming, and music) knowledge.

  • An unparalleled desire to turn out the best product possible!

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