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What we're good at...


We never set out to be jacks (and janes) of all trades. It sort of just happened that way. That said,  we aren't going to settle for being "masters of none."


Shoot us a line to inquire about scheduling and pricing.


Our bread and butter here at Giant Killer Press.


We've got the gift of word and don't mind sharing it. It doesn't matter if it's one of our own in-house projects or, I don't know... yours.


Good, fast, cheap...?


They say you have to choose two. Not here.




You've got the concept but you're either missing the time or the energy to bring it to fruition?


Never fear!


We'll do the heavy lifting. Just make sure you're ready to get blown away.


Even the most talented writer can benefit from another set of eyes. That's where we come in.


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and making sure that you say what you have to say, in your own voice, loud and clear.


Our team is adept in CMS, MLA, and APA styles of editing.





You've got ideas. You've got passion. Now, all you need is someone to help you bring it all together.


We like to think of this as "elevating" a concept. To be honest, it could be our favorite part about this gig. It involves brainstorming, hashing out new ideas, refining old ones, and picking through everyone's brains to find some joyful nuggets of entertainment and meaning.


We'll make any good idea a great one. And a great one? Well, you'll see.



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