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Sagas of Strength and Strife


A lowly urchin slinks his way through the crowded bazaar. Unnoticed and unloved, his deft little hands lighten the burden of each noble he passes. He thinks nothing of their loss, only his gain. This selfishness will lead the way to great profit… and even greater pain.


This is his city.


A stalwart city guard stands watch atop the massive towering walls, casting her steely gaze out into the rolling lands beyond. She has held her vigil for nearly ten winters. Her soft brown eyes show a thirst for life that her sagging, duty-weary shoulders do not. She fears she will never escape her duty. Perhaps the time has come to venture outward.


This is her city.


A dark room, the air thick with smoke and thicker with sin, serves as the meeting place for a cabal of plotting wizards. They speak in hushed tones, even here, far removed from prying eyes and eager ears. Great secrets await their discovery. But they dare not risk their own well being. No. For this they will need unwitting pawns and a game board truly worthy of their ambitions…

This is their city.


You make your way towards the massive adamantine gates, road weary, you barely even notice the weight of your weapons and armor. These hallowed doors promise a new life, a new start. Easy? No. Safe? Never. But new? Certainly. You’ve seen much of the outside world but you can’t help but feel that, even as the gates loom ever closer, nothing you have seen will prepare you for your new home. This is where your story will truly begin.

This is your city.


A metropolis older than recorded history.


It has seen the rise and fall of innumerable nations, seen mountains rise up from the earth and crumble to dust, and still it thrives. It has seen the birth and death of the First Born and still it prospers. It has survived the Walking Hells’ march across Creation. And it endured.


Today, it is a melting pot of the world’s cultures. It is the home of Mankind’s greatest minds, stoutest hearts, and darkest secrets. Among its towering spires are the hopes of a people just learning what it means to be alive and in the shadows of those spires, the will to do whatever it takes to stay that way.


This is Malhadran.



Play a pen-and-paper fantasy tabletop roleplaying game like none before it. Good and evil, rich and poor, man and monster are constantly at war within Malhadran's walls. Your character is right in the thick of it.


In Malhadran, heroes are born every day... and die nearly as often.


  • Explore a sprawling metropolis, home to millions living in a unique and one of a kind fantasy setting like you've never seen before. From the grandeur of the Great Halls to the streets of the Ten Quarters to the winding rows and subterranean ghettos of the Low Roads and the infinite despair of the City of the Breathless, you will never find a city like Malhadran.

  • Hail from one of a seven Origins, cultural and racial backgrounds tied to the city's history that offer insights to your character's trials, tribulations, and triumphs as well as inherent bonuses and penalties.

  • Choose from one of 15 Traditions, original character classes unique to Malhadran and intricately tied to the city's lore and war. Each Tradition offers a different style of play and countless ways to customize and create the character you want!

  • Join one of 10 Factions, powerful organizations vying for power in Malhadran and rewarding handsomely for your loyalty and service.

  • Fight for your life against the deadly denizens of the city, above and below. From the lethal Cutthroats to the horrific Alchemical Banes, any day could be your last!

  • Powered by our one and only T3: Targets, Tasks, and Tests system! This game system stresses fast, narrative-focused gameplay with simple rules and an incredible breadth of options.




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