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"No good idea should go unpublished!"


We're not sitting on our laurels here at Giant, Killer Press. We're hard at work turning our own brainchildren into tomorrow's next big thing.


Make sure you stop by the site often to learn more about:


Heroes Role Call, a library of top-notch, ready to roll pregenerated heroes and villains for your Mutants and Masterminds Third Edition roleplaying game. Just plug 'em in the panels! (Tabletop RPG Supplement)


Borderlines: The Narrative Card Game (NCG), an epic tabletop game set in the Freedomverse, pitting warring factions against each other to claim the last vestiges of peace on Earth. (Card Game)


13 Steps, a dark drama that explores consequences and repercussions of a life too close to the edge... and the monsters beyond. (Television Series)


Lord Willing and Abel, another peek at the world of the Freedomverse. This time we're mixing one part "Lethal Weapon," two parts "Indiana Jones," and a liberal sprinkling of our own creative magic. (Novel)


Malhadran: Sagas of Strength and Strife, a high fantasy tabletop roleplaying game where your city is as much a part of the story as your wayward character. (Tabletop RPG)


Ars Adventura: Know Guts, Know Glory, a lighthearted fantasy roleplaying game designed to hook RPG enthusiasts, old and new. (Tabletop RPG)


Bold Claims, a slice of life comedy about a white collar stiff just trying to make ends meet in a city overrun by superheroes and baddies! (Comic Series)


21st Sentries, a brave and bold new supers RPG that'll bring you closer than ever to creating the comic book heroes of your dreams. (Tabletop RPG)


Inner Demons, find out what lies under the surface in a world where our worst nightmares are making their own dreams come true. (Multimedia)


Nova Contra, a series set in a far-flung future where Humanity has discovered its true place in the stars... cannon fodder for a master race of warmongers! (Webcomic Series)


Scrap Mettle,  the battle of Man v. Machine is a thing of the past in this 30mm miniatures skirmish game... Now it's just an exercise in mechanical Darwinism! (Miniatures Game)


Hunting Grounds, a scenario-based miniatures game where you and a few of your bravest friends lock horns with the biggest, baddest, and beefiest monsters to ever stalk the countryside. (Cooperative Miniatures Board Game)


Dead Men Walking, a bleak and haunting tabletop RPG where you take on the role of Outrunners, skilled and most likely insane men and women who are their walled city's only hope for survival in a world crushed under the weight of the ravenous dead. (Tabletop RPG)


Red Light Distinct, a raucous look at life in the "Big City" through the eyes of Ramon, a pimp-in-training. (Film)



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