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The Narrative Card Game


The year is 2025.


War is evolving.


World peace is balancing perilously on the razor's edge.


And your finger is on the trigger.



In Borderlines: The Narrative Card Game you take command of one of four paramilitary factions vying for control of the map. Deploying to vital hotspots around the globe, you'll find yourself in the thick of it and straddling the thin line between winner and corpse.


Set during the Borderlines era of the ever-expanding, dynamic, and rich Freedomverse's history, this game shines a light on the deniable ops that shaped the future of the setting. From the war-torn Middle Eastern to the urban jungles of the U.S., you'll find plenty of opportunities to prove your mettle.




Pick your faction.


The core set features four unique and diverse forces for players to choose from:


  • T.A.S.C. Force, America's greatest assemblage of soldiers and operatives, doing the dirty work so we can sleep safe and sound.

  • X-Caliber, the UK's premiere exo-trooper strike force, stand as Britain's newest knights in shining armor.

  • Le Bapteme Rouge, the Red Baptism, a French terrorist supercell that started off as freedom fighters during WWII and ended up becoming the very thing they hate.

  • Death Rose, the most eccentric assassin's guild you'd never want to meet.




Each deck has Unit cards. These are your boots on the ground and run the gamut from common footsoldiers to unique heroes and villains that turn the tide in every battle they enter.


Your Units will have access to Asset cards, one-time use cards that give your team an immediate and undeniable advantage.


Command cards let you pull off the impossible and push your team one step closer to victory, but usually at a cost.


Resource cards build up your organization and allow you to take more ground as the battle wages on.



Pick the mission.


Choose from one of five Theater Decks with their own unique Campaign, Zone, Objective, and Timeline cards. This will set the stage for where players will deploy and face the enemy.


The Campaign cards give you the locales where the opposing forces will engage one another.


Zone cards are where your forces do battle. They are hotly contested and every win will net you victory points that'll bring you closer to winning your skirmish.


Objective cards provide option secondary missions a player can carry out to earn more victory points.


Timeline cards prove that no plan survives first contact with the enemy... or the clock!



Pick a fight!


You'll use the four ten-sided (d10) die included in the core set to resolve Contests. Unit versus Unit, Unit versus Zone, and more. These head-to-head battles between players are the only way to really ensure that your enemies are wiped off the map and that the Theater is yours for the taking. Combat is fast, furious, and frequent.


The first player to claim 20 Victory Points wins the day.





Borderlines: The Narrative Card Game is:


  • Designed to be played by one or up to four players.

  • Equal parts story and glory with the one-of-a-kind Narrative Card Game (NCG) systems' mechanics gives players deep and engrossing scenarios where they can play the role of commander and conspirator in key battles from the Borderlines era.

  • Easy to learn, difficult to master.

  • Packed with four unique Factions to choose from , each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and play mechanics.

  • Endlessly replayable!

  • Here to stay with future expansions and theme decks, including new Theaters and Factions, planned to take your game to the next level.




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