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Tall Tales and

Greater Heights!

Class is in session!

Grab your gear and report for a class unlike any other in this easy to learn, action-filled tabletop RPG that gives new and veteran players a brand new world of adventure to call their own and a roleplaying system custom-made to let gamers of any experience level share in the fun. 

Uses GKP's own PerfecTen™ Unlimited Roleplaying System.

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Welcome to a new age of heroes (and villains) as Giant, Killer Press puts our one-of-a-kind spin on tabletop super heroic gaming in Prime Exemplars!

Using the award-winning, fan-favorite Mutants and Masterminds Third Edition rule set, we're bringing fans a whole new breed of "titans in tights" with this pre-generated, fully fleshed out character portfolio series starring heroes, anti-heroes, and villains taken straight from our creator-owned Prime Exemplars universe. They're ready to play as is and are guaranteed to elevate your supers game.

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Bay City's Defending Champion is hitting the streets... and criminals in an all-new comic book series.


Set in our 21st Sentries comic universe, follow the adventures of Shadowboxer, a battle-hardened vigilante and man of the people, taking his city back from the criminal underworld and the things that go bump in the night, one round at a time!

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Giant, Killer Press is proud to announce that it has joined forces with three other independent studios to create a unique, never before seen project: Astounding Adventures!​

Combining the wild and exciting world of Shadowboxer with the likes of Purge, The Brother, and Will Power, we are going to bring Saturday morning action cartoons back in a big way.

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